Read-only mode? What's up?

If you are Pro customer and you suspect that you were switched to read-only mode before your expiration date, please let us know and we will investigate. If you have already reached your expiration date, then the limitations listed below apply to your account.

If you are a Free customer and your account is in read-only mode, your initial grace period has ended. This period was announced in direct emails to all Cubby customers.

About read-only mode: 

  • Once your expiration date passes, you will no longer have full access to your files in Cubby, including the ability to sync between devices, work offline, share links, etc.
  • After your expiration date, your account will go into read-only mode, allowing you to download your files.
    • With read-only mode, you will only be able to log into your Cubby account from a web browser and download existing files and folders, but you cannot upload new data.
    • Existing public links will remain active, but you cannot create new ones.

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