Where does my stuff go once I make a cubby?

When you make an existing folder into a cubby, the folder stays in its original location with all subfolders included in the cubby. You don't have to change how you manage your folders unless you want to share subfolders as individual cubbies.

Here's an example of what happens when you make a cubby and start syncing:

  • First, you make "Summer Photos" into a cubby on your home computer. Your files stay exactly where they were: On your home computer's hard drive, in the same place.
  • "Summer Photos" is also added to the cloud, which means it's stored on LogMeIn's secure online servers (unless you remove it by turning off the cloud).
  • Let's say you share "Summer Photos" with your friend. Once your friend accepts the share and starts syncing, your files are on your friend's computer, your computer, and in the cloud.
  • Next you install Cubby at work and sync "Summer Photos" to your work computer. Now your files are also on your work computer's hard drive.
  • Then let's say you're at work and you add some more photos to the "Summer Photos" cubby. The new files are pushed to your home computer, your friend's computer, and to the cloud.

Remember! Sub-folders are also synced. So for a folder called 2012 with a sub-folder for each month, each month will also be synced.

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