How do I sync cubbies between computers?

Syncing means your stuff stays the same on multiple computers and the cloud. 

Tip: To sync and share without the cloud, try DirectSync.

Here's how to stay in sync between computers via the cloud. Important: Install Cubby on each computer that you want to keep in sync. You can sync as many computers as you want. No limit. 

  1. Create a cubby using the desktop application or Make sure it's syncing to the cloud.
  2. Go to each computer that you want to keep in sync.
  3. Add the cubby to the computer. Like this:
    1. Open Cubby, the desktop application.
    2. In Cubby, click SYNC and then click the OFF switch so it reads ON.
  4. Choose a location for your cubby.

Tip: If you merge the cubby with an existing folder, any files in the existing folder are added to the cubby. That means they'll be synced to other devices syncing to the cubby.

Remember: Sub-folders are also synced. So for a folder called 2012 with a sub-folder for each month, each month will also be synced.

Once you add the cubby to your computer, syncing is on. We take care of the rest.

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