What about syncing when computers are asleep or off?

When your data is synced to the cloud, your computers sync when you turn them on or wake them up, even if the other computers in your account are sleeping or powered off. 

Here's an example. 

  • You are syncing data between Computer A and Computer B. 
  • Computer A is in sleep-mode when you change a file in a cubby on Computer B. 
  • Then you wake up Computer A, but meanwhile B has gone to sleep or logged off. 
  • In this case, your data only gets synced if you are also syncing to the cloud. 
  • Otherwise you must wait until both machines are awake and logged on to Cubby (the desktop application).

If your data is not synced to the cloud (that is, you are using DirectSync), then all computers must be powered on and awake to keep each other up to date.

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