How do I share a cubby? Stay in sync with others?

Share when you want specific people to have read and write access to an entire cubby. 
  • Each member sees the cubby in their own cubby list
  • Each member has read and write access to the entire shared cubby
  • Changes to the cubby's contents made by any member appear to all members
  • Any member can share the cubby with others 
  • Any member can create a link to the cubby

Share via the Cubby desktop application:

  1. Open Cubby, the desktop application.
    Tip: If the folder you want to share isn't a cubby, drag it onto the Cubby interface.
  2. Click SHARE. Don't see the icon? Hold your mouse over the cubby.
  3. Add as many people as you would like. 
    Each email can be separated by a space, comma, semi-colon, tab, or enter, as illustrated below.
  4. Click invite.

Share via

  1. Log in to
  2. Next to the cubby you want to share, click share now.
  3. Type the email of the person with whom you want to share the folder.
  4. Click invite. Cubby sends an invitation email on your behalf.

Invite as many people as you would like.

Share via the Cubby application (Windows only)

On a Windows PC, you can also share a cubby using the context menu (right-click menu).

Right-click the cubby you want to share and select Cubby > share now.

How do I stop sharing a cubby?

To stop sharing a cubby, simply remove each person from the share list. You can do this at or in the application.

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