Do I need an account to use Cubby? What's a LogMeIn ID?

Yes, you need a LogMeIn ID to use Cubby. 

What's a LogMeIn ID?

  • It's an email paired with a password
  • You might also think of it as your Cubby account ID
  • You can also use it to log in at and (but not LogMeIn Rescue)

Don't have a LogMeIn ID?

  • Sign up at
  • You can't sign up for a LogMeIn ID from with the iOS app

Already use or 

  • Use your or email address and password to sign in to
  • Your LogMeIn ID is not valid for LogMeIn Rescue
  • A LogMeIn Rescue ID is not valid for Cubby

Prefer to use a new email address with Cubby? 

  • Sign up for a new LogMeIn ID at
  • If you want to use any single LogMeIn service independently of the others, you'll need to create a new LogMeIn ID with a different email address 

Once you have a LogMeIn ID and are logged in to, you'll see your ID here, in the top-right corner of your screen, in the header:

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