What is Cubby Locks?

Cubby Locks gives you extra assurance that nobody can see your sensitive files without authorization.

For a detailed technical description, please read "Technical Deep Dive: Cubby Locks" on the Cubby blog.

How do I activate Cubby Locks for my account?

Cubby Locks is available with a Cubby Pro subscription (paid or trial).
  1. Log in to cubby.com.
  2. Make sure you have a Cubby Pro subscription.
  3. Click your ID and select Advanced Settings.
  4. Click Activate to be able to use Cubby Locks with your account. The lock column appears on your cubby.com list.

How do I lock a cubby?

  1. Log in to cubby.com.
  2. On your cubby.com list, find the lock column and click the checkbox for the cubby you want to lock.
  3. Confirm your identity by entering the same password you use to log in to cubby.com

How am I protected?

  • You'll need to enter your password to access or share a locked cubby.
  • We'll give you a special code called a Recovery Key. Should you forget your password, you must provide the Recovery Key to regain access to your locked cubbies. Don't lose it. Keep it safe.
    • Please note that you can change your password without a Recovery Key. You only need the Recovery Key when resetting a lost or forgotten password.
  • To view your Recovery Key at any time, go to you@youremail.com > Account settings.

Other common Cubby Locks questions:

  • Can I create a link to a locked cubby?
    No, you can't create public links to a locked cubby or its contents.
  • Can I share a locked cubby?
    Yes, you can share a locked cubby. Recipients will be required to enter their LogMeIn ID each time they want to view its contents. They will be responsible for their own Recovery Key, as described above.
  • Can others share my locked cubby? 
    Yes, folks with whom you have shared your locked cubby can also share it with others. 
  • What if someone in my shared Cubby forgets their password/Recovery Key?
    Though Cubby will revoke the user’s future access to the shared Cubby, the content will remain accessible to all others in the Cubby.

  • Is my data protected or encrypted on my computer? Locally?
    Cubby Locks protects data on the cloud. It does not encrypt data on your computer. That means, for example, that local users of your computer will not be prompted to enter your Cubby password to see data in a folder that is a locked cubby. Again, Cubby Locks is not a local data encryption solution. 
  • Is syncing any different for locked cubbies?
    You sync a locked cubby just like any other cubby.

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