What ports does Cubby use?

Cubby must be able to connect to at least these server ports:

  • 443 for SSL 
  • 80 for HTTP
Additionally, for optimal performance in a multi-host environment, we recommend opening UDP ports for the full range 1-65535 for inbound/outbound addresses (Gateway and connecting peers). This allows Cubby hosts to establish peer-to-peer connections so content can be synced directly between participating hosts. For larger organizations, this is both cheaper and more efficient than relaying traffic through the Cubby gateway.

Cubby does not open a local port.

To use Cubby in an environment that uses domain name filtering, traffic must be allowed to these domains: 

  • *.cubby.com 
  • *.logmein.com 
Tip: You may need to contact your network administrators to unblock these domains. For additional information about whitelisting for Cubby and other LogMeIn services, visit help.LogMeIn.com: http://help.logmein.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Whitelisting-and-LogMeIn/

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