How do teams work?

With a Cubby enterprise subscription, you can create teams with multiple users sharing the same cloud space.  

What team members get:

  • Anyone added to a team uses the space associated with the enterprise subscription
  • Team members get to use Pro features such as DirectSync and Cubby Locks
  • Nothing is automatically shared except space (that is, the only cubbies that get shared between team members are the ones that members choose to share)
  • Shared data only counts once against your team's shared quota 
Who can be added to a team?
  • You can't be in two teams at once
  • An existing Pro subscriber can't be added to a team
  • Once added to a team, a user cannot leave. Once an email address (LogMeIn ID) is associated with a team, that email can never be used for an independent Cubby account. 

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