Can I keep a cubby only on the cloud? ("one way sync")

You might want to save some files on the cloud, but not your computer. Some folks think of this as "sync in one direction" or "one way sync." This is a good solution when you want to save space on your computer's hard drive.

Here's one way to do that, illustrated using an example.

  • On your "Home" computer you have files in a folder called Sample_Photos
  • Sync the cubby Sample_Photos to the cloud. 
    • Confirm that your files have been uploaded from "Home" to the cloud (check Sample_Photos on
  • Turn off syncing between "Home" and the cloud for the cubby Sample_Photos
    • Confirm that you are no longer syncing from your computer to the cloud (the SYNC switch should say OFF)
  • Optionally, delete the files from your "Home" computer (for example, if you want to save space on your drive). 
  • Sample_Photos remains a cubby that you can access via or mobile app.

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