Where can I purchase more space?

Buy more space? Visit the Pricing page.

What happens to existing space when I buy more? 
You keep it, naturally. So if you have 16 GB of free space and buy 100 GB more, you will have 116 GB.

Do I need to uninstall and reinstall after I purchase? 
No. Do not uninstall! Your account and installed Cubby applications will recognize that you are pro.

Do I need to buy a Cubby pro "user" subscription for each device I want to snyc?
No. One Cubby pro subscription covers all of your devices. Install Cubby on as many machines as you want under your pro account.

Can’t purchase more space? 
Only team leaders can purchase space.If you are in a team, you cannot make additional purchases for your LogMeIn ID (email). If you need to have an additional account outside your team account, please sign up for a new LogMeIn ID at https://accounts.logme.in 

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