Why is my sync speed slow?

Customers reporting slow sync times commonly have a slow upload speed from their Internet service provider.

Speeds are not limited by Cubby but depend on the bandwidth and quality of your Internet connection. Cubby does not display upload/download speeds.

If you feel comfortable checking the speed of your Internet connection and estimating transfer times, here is a test you can try.

  1. Check your upload speed, as follows:
    1. Go to http://speedtest.net/ 
    2. Click Begin Test.
    3. Write down your upload speed.
  2. Estimate your sync time, as follows:
    1. Go to http://techinternets.com/copy_calc 
    2. Enter the size of the files you want to sync.
    3. Select your transfer speed (use your upload speed from step 1).
      Tip: Be careful when choosing your speed! Mbit/s is not the same as Megabytes/s. 
    4. Check the estimated resulting time.
  3. If you are confident that slow upload speeds are not the problem, drop us a note!

Note: Speedtest and techinternets are not affiliated with LogMeIn. You can use any similar service to check your speed and estimate your sync times. 

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