What is Cubby enterprise?

Cubby enterprise helps mitigate risk and data leakage while giving employees the ability to be mobile and productive.

The team leader with a Cubby enterprise subscription can enforce policies for end-users, manage devices, and monitor usage.

Enterprise features:

  • Policy management
    Enforce user policies to control how company data is stored and shared
  • Deployment
    Silently install the Cubby application across several computers at once
  • Device wipe
    Remove stored passwords and locally synced content from employee devices
  • Monitor activity
    Track employee activity in real-time to know what content is being shared, how and with whom (including the ability to filter events by employee, event type or date to investigate specific activity, security breaches and threats); monitor employee's individual consumed cloud space to ensure space availability

Note: Many Cubby enterprise features are for team administrators only.

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