Domain-based features and ADFS

Federated Authentication for LogMeIn using ADFS

Members of your organization will be able to log in to multiple LogMeIn services using their corporate AD credentials. Users will not need to create a unique LogMeIn ID since their domain ID serves that purpose, thus this solution is a form of Single Sign-On (SSO). 

ADFS becomes the exclusive authentication method for your domain, which gives you complete control over who can access LogMeIn services. The result is a secure authentication methodology that simplifies and automates user provisioning. Federated authentication applies to multiple LogMeIn services, including Cubby. 

For detailed setup instructions, 
see Federated Authentication for LogMeIn using ADFS.

What is auto accept?

Auto accept allows you to provision new Cubby accounts without end-user involvement, allowing specified employees to start using Cubby enterprise without having to sign-up or accept an invitation from you.

To use auto accept, you must verify your domain according to the domain verification guidelines.

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