How to wipe a team member's Cubby data

Team leaders can wipe team members' data in two ways:
  • Suspend a user and wipe all data from their local devices
  • Keep the user active and wipe data from selected devices

Suspend user and wipe all data

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to an account that has an active team.
  3. Click Team > your team.
  4. Find the team member who should no longer be able to access their Cubby account and click the that appears upon hover.
    You are prompted to confirm the suspension.
  5. Select Remove data from devices associated with account.
    All of the Cubby data associated with the suspended user's account will be deleted from local devices.
  6. Click suspend user to complete the suspension.

Wipe from a specific device

A team leader can delete a computer or other device from a team member's account. This feature is useful when, for example, you don't want a specific team member to use Cubby on a given device any longer.
  1. Log in to
  2. Click Team at the top of the page.
  3. On the your team tab, click devices next to the team member with a device you want to manage.
  4. Select the devices you want to remove.
  5. Choose what you want to do:
    a. To remove the device from your list and wipe all data synced to the device's local storage, click remove device and data
    b. To remove the device without wiping data, click remove device.

When are changes applied?

  • For devices that are online, all data synced to the PC's or Mac's local storage is deleted within a few minutes. When the wipe is complete, the device is removed from the list. 
  • For devices that are offline, data is wiped when the device comes back online. Offline devices remain listed on the Devices page until they come online and the data wipe is complete.
  • In both cases, a record is created in the activity log. Offline devices are reported as "initiated data removal" until they come back online. The device will no longer be associated with your account and no longer appears as offline or otherwise in any Cubby lists. 
  • For mobile devices, access to the Cubby app is revoked and files saved for offline access are deleted.

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