How to track activity in a team's cubbies

A team leader can use the activity log to see what's happening in their team's cubbies.

The log tracks up to nine recent events, including the following:
  • A cubby is shared 
  • A share is accepted
  • A share is declined
  • A cubby is deleted
  • Content is permanently deleted
  • Archived versions are removed
  • A user joins a cubby
  • A user leaves a shared cubby
  • A public link is created 
  • Device wipe status 
  • Remove device status
To view the activity log:
  1. Go to
  2. Log in to an account that has an active team.
  3. Click Team > activity log.
The activity log can be filtered by user, event, or by time period (yesterday, last week, last month, custom period).

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