How can I view recent activity? (Detected changes)

To view a list of recent changes to your cubbies, click the Cubby icon in the notification area (also known as the system tray) and select Detected changes. The list of recent activity is displayed. 

What gets detected? Do I have to be online?
  • While your PC or Mac is online and the Cubby desktop app is running, all changes are detected and listed. 
  • After being offline, only the most recent change is detected and listed when you come back online.

The following activities are tracked:
  • Add file 
    {user} added {file} to {path}
    Example: Sara Bryant added new.pdf to concept/drawings/
  • Add folder 
    {user} added {folder} to {path}
    Example: Sara Bryant added drawings/ folder to concept/
  • Modified file 
    {user} modified {file} in {path}
    Example: Sara Bryant modified new.pdf in concept/drawings/
  • Removed file 
    {user} removed {file} from {path}  
    Example: Sara Bryant removed new.pdf from concept/drawings/
  • Removed folder
    {user} modified {folder} folder from {path}  
    Example: Sara Bryant removed drawings/ folder from concept/
Why does it say "n/a" under who? 
You see n/a in the who column when the person who made the change is using an older Cubby desktop app that does not support this feature.

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