Restoring files to the cloud


In rare instances when viewing files on the cloud you may see an empty icon, a "sad face" icon, or a similar indicator that the file could not be retrieved.  


This behavior may be due to a known issue currently being investigated by the Cubby team. It means that Cubby is temporarily unable to retrieve the file from the cloud.

If you experience this behavior, rest assured that we are working to fully restore your content and all version information. Meanwhile, to ensure the availability of shared files and public links, you may want to upload files directly to the cloud. With this solution, any existing sharing rules and public links remain intact, but older versions will be unavailable until the files are fully restored by the Cubby team.

Remember: We only recommend this solution when you have the latest versions on your PC or Mac or other storage device/location.

How to restore your files: 

  1. On your computer (or other storage device) locate the files you want to restore.
  2. In your browser, log in and select the cubby that contains the “missing” files.
  3. At the top of the page, click Upload
  4. Drag the files from the storage location to Cubby in your browser and drop them to upload to the cloud.
    In Chrome, you can drag entire folders.

Once uploaded, your files will once again be available on the cloud with all sharing and linking restored. 

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