Cubby Retirement: FAQs for Basic users

General FAQs 

Q. Why is LogMeIn shutting down Cubby?

  • Our product development efforts at LogMeIn have always centered on enabling employees and individuals to simply and securely connect to their devices, applications, and files. In an effort to focus our current product portfolio, we took Cubby’s most used features (file storage and sharing) and built them into LogMeIn Pro to create a more complete way to connect to the content and devices you need, all in a single product experience.
Q. What is my Cubby expiration date?
  • As a Cubby Basic user, you will have access to your files and Cubbies until November 16, 2016. 

Q. How long will my files be in Cubby?

  • You will have complete access to your files and Cubbies until your account’s expiration date. Please plan to move or migrate your files off Cubby before that date.

Q. Once I’ve moved my files to another storage solution, how do I delete them from Cubby?

  • To delete your files from your Cubby account, disconnect them from each of your devices. Instructions can be found in this article
Q. I just started a Cubby free trial and already moved my files to Cubby. How long will I have access to Cubby?
  • Once your trial ends, you will have access to Cubby until November 16, 2016. Please plan to move or migrate your files before that date.

Q. What happens if I don’t move my files off Cubby by my expiration date?

  • Once the expiration date passes, you will no longer have full Cubby functionality, including the ability to sync between devices, work offline, share links, etc. After your expiration date, your account will go into read-only mode allowing you to download your files for an additional 60 days. 
  • With read-only mode, you will only be able to log into your Cubby account from a web browser and download existing files and folders, but you cannot upload new data.
  • Existing public links will remain active, but you cannot create new ones. 
Q. I'm not planning on using LogMeIn Pro. What is the easiest way to move my cubbies to another service?
  • The easiest way to get all of your files is to use the Cubby desktop app. Please note that you will need to download your files from Cubby by your expiration date. Here is how to move your files: 

  1. Go to the computer to which you want to save your files.
  2.  Install the Cubby desktop app, open the app and login.
  3. Hover over the folder you want to download, click SYNC next to the name of the computer you’re using and click the OFF switch so it reads ON.
  4.  After the files sync, your Cubby files will be on the local drive of your computer.
  5. Once synced, you can simply upload them to the service of your choice, such as Dropbox, Box or OneDrive.
For additional help with this process, you can read this article or watch this quick tutorial.

Q. What does Cubby’s shutdown mean for LogMeIn’s Identity and Access Management business?

  • Identity management represents one LogMeIn’s top three strategic growth initiatives, along with in collaboration and Xively in the Internet of Things. In 2015 we took a bold and significant step toward expanding LogMeIn’s role in the identity market and accelerating its identity strategy with the acquisition of LastPass, the recognized market leader in password management. Moving forward, we will be focusing our investments on these core lines of business.

Q. How does this affect users?

  • Pro users were transitioned to a separate cloud storage service for their meeting recordings in January and all of their recordings can be found under the website. Pro and Enterprise tiers now offer unlimited recording storage for new and existing customers.

Migrating to LogMeIn Pro

Q. When can I migrate my files to LogMeIn Pro?

  • As a Cubby Basic user, you can log into your account on and click “Migrate” at the top of the screen. You can start this migration at any time before the November 16th shut down. 

Q. How does the user benefit from Pro?

  • LogMeIn Pro offers individuals and small businesses simple and secure, anywhere, anytime, access to their work. The new file storage features of Pro will benefit customers by providing them with 1 Terabyte of storage (equal to 17,000 hours of music, or 500 hours of movies) for all their files and the ability to share with unlimited users. They will also benefit from Premium password management and speed improvements. These new features are in addition to Pro’s best-in-class remote control offering which includes fast and reliable remote access, desktop, iOS & Android apps, multi monitor display, and two step verification.

Q. Does Pro have the same functionality as Cubby?

  • LogMeIn Pro includes 1TB of file storage for all users, regardless of which Pro subscription package you choose. With Pro, you can also share files and folders with an unlimited number of users.  
  • LogMeIn Pro includes user level access controls to share files and folders only with specific users, however Pro does not include offline syncing. 

Q. What type of content will not be migrated automatically?

  • There are specific aspects of Cubby that will not be migrated into LogMeIn Pro, including DirectSync cubbies, Locked cubbies, temporarily & permanently deleted files, public links, file versions other than the latest, empty folders, cubby client setups, team setups, team members and team member permission, and any content stored deeper than 300 folder levels. 
  • Cubbies that are shared with you but not owned by you will also not be migrated to your own account.

Q. What happens to my Cubby files if I don’t purchase Pro after my trial?

  • After your trial of LogMeIn Pro, your files will remain in read-only mode for 14 days, which means you can download files and folders, but you can’t upload new data. 
  • After 14 days, you will no longer be able to access your files in Pro. 

Q. If I move my Cubby files to Pro, will my LogMeIn Pro subscription price go up?

  • If you choose to migrate to Pro, you will receive your LogMeIn Pro subscription package at a discounted rate of $99 for the first year. After your first year, your subscription package will renew at the list price.  

Q. What happens to my Cubby files if I already have a LogMeIn Pro account?

    • If you already have a LogMeIn Pro account, you can move your files to Pro for no additional charge. To do so, log in to your Cubby account and click “Migrate”. If you log in and do not see a “Migrate” button when you log into your account on, please contact Customer Care and ask to migrate your Cubby files to LogMeIn Pro.

Q. Will all of my cubbies be migrated to Pro in their current state?

  • You current file structure in Cubby will be replicated when you migrate to LogMeIn Pro. This includes file and folder names, and all documents. 

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