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  1. About Cubby Preview

  2. About the LogMeIn and GoTo Merger

  3. Can a cubby be any size?

  4. Can anyone gather personal info from my public links?

  5. Can Cubby run as a service?

  6. Can I change my LogMeIn ID? Password?

  7. Can I change the account I use to log in to Cubby?

  8. Can I change the computer names used by Cubby?

  9. Can I check syncing status?

  10. Can I choose to exclude specific sub-folders and files from syncing? (cubbyignore)

  11. Can I keep a cubby only on the cloud? ("one way sync")

  12. Can I move a folder once it's a cubby?

  13. Can I remove a device from my Cubby account? Wipe data?

  14. Can I see what files are in use in a cubby?

  15. Can I share cubbies that aren't synced to the cloud?

  16. Can I share with folks who aren't Cubby users?

  17. Can I sync between a computer and an iPhone or Android?

  18. Can I sync between Mac and PC?

  19. Can I turn off notifications?

  20. Can I use Cubby via WebDAV?

  21. Can I use multiple Cubby accounts on one PC or Mac?

  22. Can syncing be scheduled? Paused?

  23. Cubby isn't using expected bandwidth. What can I do?

  24. Cubby Retirement: FAQs for Basic users

  25. Cubby Retirement: FAQs for Pro and Enterprise subscribers

  26. Do I need an account to use Cubby? What's a LogMeIn ID?

  27. Does Cubby perform block-level sync when a file changes?

  28. Does Cubby work behind a proxy?

  29. Domain verification guidelines

  30. Domain-based features and ADFS

  31. Failed to Start Engine. Couldn't start engine - Error code 31 or 32

  32. Failed to Start Engine. Couldn't start engine - Error Code 34

  33. Failed to Start Engine. Couldn't start engine - Error Code 35

  34. FDA Part 11 Compliance and Cubby

  35. How can I view recent activity? (Detected changes)

  36. How do I call Cubby support? Phone numbers?

  37. How do I clear out my archive? Deleted files?

  38. How do I create a cubby?

  39. How do I delete or cancel my account?

  40. How do I download and install Cubby? (PC and Mac)

  41. How do I get started?

  42. How do I link to a file, folder, cubby?

  43. How do I log out of the desktop app?

  44. How do I recover an old version of a file?

  45. How do I remove a cubby? (stop using a folder as a cubby)

  46. How do I restore a deleted file?

  47. How do I retrieve Cubby log files?

  48. How do I share a cubby? Stay in sync with others?

  49. How do I stop syncing a cubby on a specific computer?

  50. How do I store a cubby on the cloud?

  51. How do I sync cubbies between computers?

  52. How do I uninstall Cubby from my PC or Mac?

  53. How do teams work?

  54. How does Cubby handle different media types?

  55. How many computers can I sync? Is there a limit?

  56. How many times can a link be clicked? Are there download limits?

  57. How to deploy Cubby to end users

  58. How to suspend or restore a team member

  59. How to track activity in a team's cubbies

  60. How to wipe a team member's Cubby data

  61. I lost my computer! Can I restore my cubbies to my new computer?

  62. Is Cubby HIPAA compliant?

  63. Is Cubby secure?

  64. Is there a Cubby API?

  65. Managing permissions for your Cubby team

  66. Manual migration

  67. Official Cubby Domains, Whitelisting

  68. Passcode lock for mobile apps

  69. Phishing attempts! How to recognize email scams

  70. Questions about sharing and storage space

  71. Read-only mode? What's up?

  72. Restoring files to the cloud

  73. Setting up an initial sync of a large amount of data

  74. Should I use Cubby to synchronize frequently changing files, like QuickBooks, Outlook, and other database files?

  75. Switching back to Live after Preview

  76. Syncing is stuck. What can I do?

  77. System requirements

  78. Two people editing the same file? About conflict files

  79. Viewing team member content

  80. What about syncing when computers are asleep or off?

  81. What can become a cubby? What can sync?

  82. What can I do with the mobile app?

  83. What happens if my cloud download/upload gets interrupted?

  84. What happens when I accept a team request?

  85. What happens when I delete a file from the cloud?

  86. What is "Potential threat detected"?

  87. What is Cubby enterprise?

  88. What is Cubby Locks?

  89. What mobile devices do you support?

  90. What ports does Cubby use?

  91. What version am I using?

  92. What's Cubby? What's a cubby?

  93. What's DirectSync? Sync without the cloud!

  94. What's syncing? What happens when I'm syncing?

  95. What's your copyright policy? What can I share using Cubby?

  96. When should I use the desktop application? The website?

  97. Where are offline files saved on my Android?

  98. Where can I purchase more space?

  99. Where does my stuff go once I make a cubby?

  100. Where is my data kept in the cloud?

  101. Why is my sync speed slow?

  102. Using NAS devices with Cubby

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